Impact on Corps Members

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Corps Member Experience

We talk a lot about the positive impact of Jumpstart on the thousands of children we serve. But the benefits of Jumpstart extend to our Corps members as well.

Better leaders, better citizens

Surveys of Jumpstart Corps members tell us the program makes a tangible impact on their lives, and in lots of important ways. After an academic year of participation in the Jumpstart program, almost all Corps members report their participation made them better leaders. Corps members also showed a dramatic increase in their understanding of issues facing their immediate community.

Read our National Evaluation Report to find out more about the impact of Jumpstart and key findings from Jumpstart's 2014-2015 program year. 

The statistics speak volumes. Jumpstart works—for the children who get exposure to the magic of reading and learning, and also for the passionate Corps members who serve them over the course of an academic year.

Corps member outcomes at a glance:

  • 97% report overall satisfaction with the program
  • 95% would recommend Jumpstart to a friend
  • 93% felt more connected to the community
  • 87% say they’d serve another term
  • 86% report they’d pursue a career in public service after Jumpstart

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More Reading

Jumpstart was recognized by the Stanford Social Innovation Review for program success. 

Researchers from University of Michigan-Dearborn recently conducted an evaluation of Jumpstart’s impact on Corps members. Download the 2007 case study.